Integrated mid lift axle and air suspension system

MLA®2 suspension brings a systems approach, delivering advanced design, technology and manufacturing for tractors and rigid trucks. This fully integrated system significantly helps reduce weight, cost and operating expenses over traditional twin steer configurations.

MLA 2 quickly became a widespread industry choice for 44 t (GCW) 6×2 tractor applications.


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  • Automatic load-sensed drop function — fully integrated with on-board EBS
  • Disc or drum brake applications
  • Wheel sizes 22.5, 19.5 and 17.5 — all of which provide 44 t GCW

Reduces weight

  • Reduced weight offers greater payload

Reduced costs

  • Eliminates steering links, ball joints and kingpins for improved alignment retention, reduced tyre wear and lower maintenance costs
  • Factory pre-set toe and camber settings reduce tyre wear and extend service life
  • Unitised wheel ends and premium shocks reduce costs
  • Maintenance-free bushings and pivot connections

Improved Performance

  • Suspension tuned for enhanced ride and vehicle protection
  • Air springs adjust to load and road conditions for enhanced driver comfort and vehicle protection