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Solid and Tube Stabilisers

Hendrickson is European market leader for stabilisers and produces these in Douai (France).

The stabiliser plays a key role in a bus and truck suspension by improving vehicle stability, handling and enhanced comfort in the curves. In addition to the development of solid stabilisers, which forms our core business, we also manufacture tube stabilisers.

The advantages of tube stabilisers are becoming increasingly important in all weight-critical applications in the new generation of trucks.


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The benefits of our stabilisers at a glance

Solid and Tube Stabilisers

Hendrickson a leading supplier of both solid and tube stabilisers in the European truck market. For over three decades, we have been partnering with the truck and bus industry to provide efficient suspension solutions

Weight-saving Solutions

Tube stabilisers are up to 45 % lighter and enable a significant reduction in both unsprung and total weight. They help our customers to meet today’s fuel consumption challenge and the expectations of higher payloads.

Big Diameters

Our expertise lies in medium to big diameter stabilisers. We are the only manufacturer able to deliver tube stabilisers for diameters up to 65mm with 10mm wall thickness, the required outer curvature and the minimum wall thickness in the bend.

Surface Treatment

Our advanced two-stage coating line (zinc phosphate pre-treatment and powder top coat) will ensure anticorrosion surface protection, resulting in superior durability and added value for your customers.

R&D Capabilities In-house

Each customised part is designed, prototyped and tested in-house by our engineers in our facilities to meet both industry standards and our own Hendrickson standards. These technical capabilities also enable us to continuously improve our manufacturing quality and production processes for all our products.

Market Leader

We are Europe’s industry leader for truck and bus stabilisers. Our experience in developing and producing solid stabilisers for heavy trucks started back in 1981. We have been producing tube stabilisers for heavy trucks since 1993 and added welded stabilisers for specific applications in 1999. Our experience and dedication works to our customers’ advantage