Demo Truck

Test free of charge our ULTIMAAX® suspension in a demo truck!

Product advantages

  • Approximately 250 kg weight saving compared to standard suspension
  • Progressive load spring which stiffens as load increases to help provide the optimized balance of loaded stability and unloaded ride quality
  • Maintenance free (requires no lubrification)
  • Improved trucks operating cost
  • Available in 3 different axles capacity ranging from 26 tons to 48 tons
  • Shorter repair time compared to standard suspension
  • System designed for sever application and is overload tolerant
  • Do not deal anymore with replacement of broken leaf springs

The ULTIMAAX® is extremely robust!

We could retrofit your Truck with ULTIMAAX®

Hendrickson CVS Europe offers for testing a MAN 8X4 Tipper free of charge.  For details, please contact Mr. Jens Nestler (

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