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Axle Connectors

U-bolts connect the leaf spring or the airlink with the truck’s or trailer’s axle and fix them together. They do qualify as a safety critical part.

Hendrickson is the European market leader and proudly supplies suspension U-Bolts to the truck and trailer manufacturers for their European or Global products.

Decades of experience and technical expertise enable us to design, test and produce the safest solution with the longest durability.

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Hendrickson offers a wide and complete range of Suspension U-Bolts to best meet your most specific requirements.

  • U-Bolts can be shaped to fit to various of your designs in saddle and threaded area
  • Diameter range from 8 to 36 mm
  • We can process different steel grades for optimal efficiency
  • Cold-formed or hot-forged U-Bolts are available to offer best designs for your needs
  • In-house Geomet surface treatment; KTL, electro-galvanizing or hot dip galvanizing are offered optionally.