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Heat Treatment

Heat treatment is a special process to achieve the adequate features of steel. By changing the material structure it ensures to obtain the required hardness and strength.

By using chamber furnaces we manufacture our products in a modern, fully automatic heat treatment line and operate in protective atmosphere.

We offer: Hardening of elements from structural steel with maximal overall dimensions of 1000 mm x 500 mm x 600 mm and maximal weight up to 350 kg

  • volumetric heat treatment in protective atmosphere

  • stress relief annealing of steel

  • Hardening

  • Oil quenching in the scope of 800-930 °C, tempering in the scope of 150-650 °C


Shot blasting

Shot blasting is the process of cleaning metal surfaces from rust, burr, varnish and paint. This process is characterized with top quality and full automation. Shot blasting may be applied for non-threaded, threaded or fine-threaded elements – which can be suspended in a chamber or conveyed in a pass-through shot-blasting machine.


Anti-corrosive coats – coating

We offer coating of metal elements with anti-corrosive coat Geomet which protects parts from extreme weather conditions for many years without having  negative impact on environment.

On license and Certification of NOF METAL COATING we are the only company in Poland able to spray details with overall dimensions of 1100 mm x 1200 mm and depth up to 220 mm.

Specifications of our coats:


Anti-corrosive protection >1000 hours in salt spray cabinet according to ISO 9227.

No traces of white rust (zinc corrosion) before the lapse of 250 hours.

GEOMET 321 does not contain heavy metals.


This coating provides the required coefficient of friction on the threaded parts and increases the corrosion resistance.
It is applied to the products covered with GEOMET before.


Thread Rolling

Our machinery stock includes a modern machine for extrusion of threads with output of up to 1800 pieces per hour, automatic and manual machines that allow extrusion from materials with different classes of hardness.

Our offer: Cold cross rolling of external threads

In this process we can perform any external metric thread.

Planetary rolling of external threads


Our company is equipped with own metrological, chemical, metallographic and mechanical lab which enable us to offer broad scope of services for numerous lines of trade: production, tool, metallurgic, ship-building industry, and others.

The lab was established in 2006 and it meets the requirements of the standard ISO/IEC 17025 which is the requirement for all research and control labs.

We offer professional laboratory services and short periods of service supplies. We issue quality reports and certificates for examined products.